Bring it Back: The platform that fights food waste – for €3 you get a full bag

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Bring it Back: The platform that fights food waste – for €3 you get a full bag

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A very modern and innovative concept came to our country, just when precision has brought consumers to their knees and food waste has skyrocketed. This is the initiative of Bring it Back, the new app through which you can find shops that will close within a short period of time and offer a whole bag of their merchandise at a special price.

Just like that, we tried to place our order through Bring it Back and ate a whole bag of salty and sweet snacks from Street Kuluri, on Zoodochos Pigi Street. All of them cost 3 euros, while their normal cost at any other time of the day would be more than 10 euros.

Navigating the platform is very simple. You enter your address and the app finds your nearest cafes, bakeries, bakeries and supermarkets that participate in the program and have a special offer package. There, you find the offer that suits your budget – prices start from 2.5 euros – and pay.

The QR code that is generated and you have to scan it in order to receive your order.

Immediately, you receive a QR code and at the same time the store starts preparing your order.

“Bring it Back was created in order to reduce this waste and move Greece out of this negative position,” the platform’s website informs us.

“It is constantly contacting food outlets to find out if they have leftover fresh food at the end of the day, and help them, in a profitable way, to reduce waste and therefore environmental pollution.”

We got a whole bag of stuff from Street Kuluri, for just 3 euros.

At Street Kuluri we received our bag from the hands of George and Sebastian, who made sure our order had fresh and delicious savoury and sweet items. From bagels, to cookies and raisin bread.

They also shared with us their pleasure to participate in this platform, which promotes a zero waste lifestyle that is good for the consumer and the store itself.

Despite the fact that the project is very new and people do not know about it, customers have embraced the project and consistently order 2-3 bags a day, a few hours before the shops close, when the traffic drops.

Bring it Back is available on the App Store and Google Play.